Aloha! We wanted to take a minute to share four of our favorite beaches in Maui with you. Whether you are planning your first trip to the islands or have been coming here for years, you will love this selection of some of Maui’s best beaches. Enjoy!

Kapalua Beach

This beautiful beach has been named one of the best in the world. Soft sand and amazing colors are just a couple of reasons why. The snorkeling is decent and swimming is generally safe as the beach is sheltered by the bay. There is a resort here so it’s no hidden gem, but still one of our favorites!

Makena Beach

Stretching over a half mile long, it’s easy to see why this famous Maui beach is referred to as “Big Beach”! There is also some great shore break for boogie boarding or body surfing, as the waves get pretty rough in this area. While there is plenty of parking available, it can get crowded at sunset or on the weekends so come early. Enjoy!

Honolua Bay

OK, we admit this is not a sandy beach, but still one of our favorites! Honolua Bay is a beautiful place to snorkel, as it is a Marine Life Conservation District. This means you cannot fish or take ANY of the natural resources. The shoreline is rocky so it really isn’t a sun tan kind of beach. Just make sure your travel partner is a fellow snorkeler and you are good to go!

Little Beach

This is a fun one. In addition to having beautiful sands and waters, Little Beach is famous for being the premier nude beach in Maui! Every sunday evening (around sunset) there is a drum circle and fire dancing. We have even spotted a nude surfer or two here! As you can see from the picture, Little Beach is just over the hill from Big Beach mentioned earlier. A short 5 minute climb and you’re ready to party! Be sure to wear your birthday suit and to bring A LOT of sunscreen! See ya in Maui!